High-end Activated Carbon Block Filtering Cartridge

High-end Activated Carbon Block Filtering Cartridge

Safe and reliable

Choose and use imported coconut shell activated carbon material

Strong adaptability

With high percentage of filtering particle size, outstanding permeability, it applies to municipal tap water from different areas, which prevents hole clogging and high water pressure lowering filters service life to happen.


Choose and use high iodine imported acid washed coconut shell activated carbon, with highly-developed mesh size, high carbon content, the use of low adhesive material, we make the most use of coconut shell carbons absorbing performance. It can not only absorb pesticides residue, but remove the by-product from disinfection in water.

Improve the taste

PH remains at around 7.0 and can adjust the acid-base balance, absorb bad taste and odor in water, highly improve the taste of outlet water.


Carbon block with no end caps can be customized according to clients’ requirements


Customized size: outer diameter(O.D.): 20mm-150mm

              Inner diameter(I.D.): 10mm-70mm

              Length(L): above 50mm


Can pass the safety soaking test and meet the requirement of  

Standard for Hygienic Safety Evaluation of Equipment and Protective Materials in Drinking Water.