Natural Diatomaceous Earth Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge

Natural Diatomaceous Earth Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge

Can pass the safety soaking test and meet the requirement of  

Standard for Hygienic Safety Evaluation of Equipment and Protective Materials in Drinking Water.


100% Diatomaceous Earth Material

We choose and use 100% diatomaceous earch material, which won’t occur secondary pollution and in the meanwhile, reserve the beneficial minerals in water and remove the sediment, bacterial, rust efficiently, thus make the filters service life longer and their filtering performance better.



Non-standard Appearances and Sizes are Customized

Can be applied to sports bottle, gravity filtering bottle and high-end water purifier.

For outer diameter between 20-150mm, special dimensions can be customized according to sample or drawings.


Products Features

(1) 100% diatomaceous earth material

(2) High percentage of filtering particle size, high filtering accuracy and fast flow rate.

(3) Smooth and even inner wall with no cracks.

(4) Even wall thickness which can reach above 8mm thick and excellent filtering performance with longer service life.